The Kingdom of the Gods Readalong, Week 4

The Kingdom of the Gods

The Kingdom of the Gods

Hey everyone, and welcome to the fourth week of the readalong of N.K. Jemisin’s The Kingdom of the Gods, hosted by S Voss from Dab of Darkness, Lauren from Violin in a Void, Gabriella from Book Bound, and myself.  The reading schedule is as follows:

The Kingdom of Gods – 575 pages

Week 1 Prologue – Chapter 4 (104 pages) Feb. 10th Dab of Darkness

Week 2 Chapters 5-10 (115 pages) Feb. 17th Violin in a Void

Week 3 Chapters 11-13 (119 pages) Feb. 24th Books Without Any Pictures

Week 4 Chapters 14-17 (117 pages) March 3rd Book Bound

Week 5 Chapter 18 – END (116 pages) March 10th Violin in a Void

The following questions and discussion will contain spoilers through the end of chapter 17.

Nahadoth said, “You cannot remain in mortal flesh much longer. It’s changing you,” to Sieh. Do you think Nahadoth knows what is happening to Sieh? And what could happen to Sieh?

I don’t think that Sieh can go back to what he once was.  Yes, he can emulate certain aspects of childhood, but he’s been forced to grow and mature, and that’s a good thing.  I think that Naha realizes that if Sieh changes too much, he won’t be able to unlearn the lessons that growing up has taught him.

My hope is that Sieh can become a godling again, but that he can maintain his current self.  I want him to still be friends with Deka and Shahar.  I don’t want him to regain godhood at the price of being a decent person.

Sieh half-dies and suddenly comes back with some other magic (something about the universe or other). What do you make of it & Why is it only Shahar, Dekarta and Sieh that remember?

When Shahar, Deka, and Sieh join their wills together to accomplish a goal, they wield a similar power to the Three and can change the fabric of the cosmos.  Since they changed reality, the events that they saw never happened to everyone else.  I’m wondering if this might be the power that’s necessary to return Sieh’s godhood and/or to defeat Kahl.

What do you think of Yeine’s offer to Remath?

Yeine used to be an Arameri and hate the Arameri.  If she believes that they’ve changed, then it’s real.  I like seeing the mortals and the gods work together to achieve a common goal.  Also, I think that with the Arameri under Yeine’s control, they won’t be so likely to turn back to the brutality they once embraced.  They’re gonna be held accountable for their actions, and Yeine knows the difference between doing what is necessary to survive and what’s just plain sadism.

Thoughout the whole book, but more in the last couple of chapters, we’ve seen the Arameri have become more human-like, and especially Remath has been more emotional. Do you think they’ve always been like this or that there is some trigger that is making them behave differently?

I suspect that the Arameri maintained their cruel reign partly because of Itempas’ interest in maintaining order at the expense of the mercy.  With Enefa dead and Naha and the godlings enslaved, Itempas would have wielded a lot more influence.  There wouldn’t be any sense of balance.  And based on the conversation that Sieh had with Glee when she reveals just how much Itempas was damaged by his feelings of abandonment by Enefa and Naha, it seems that Itempas would have gravitated to the people who worshiped him and strengthened their power.

The Echo Palace has been built! And Shahar and Dekarta are „safe“ Why do you think Remath  is abandoning the normal source of Arameri power?

Remath isn’t stupid, and she knows that the mask warfare will be inevitable and catastrophic unless something drastic happens.  Moving the seat of Arameri power is a move of self defense, but it also shows that the new Arameri aren’t like their forefathers and are willing to change with the times.

Sieh has just left with Itempas, Nahadoth and Yeine… How will they save him?

I don’t think the Three will be the ones to save Sieh.  It’ll be his newly discovered power with Deka and Shahar, and he’ll have to embrace that power and accept his new self before that can happen.

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