The Kingdom of the Gods Readalong, Week 3

The Kingdom of the Gods

The Kingdom of the Gods

Hey everyone, and welcome to the third week of the readalong of N.K. Jemisin’s The Kingdom of the Gods, hosted by S Voss from Dab of Darkness, Lauren from Violin in a Void, Gabriella from Book Bound, and myself.  The reading schedule is as follows:

The Kingdom of Gods – 575 pages

Week 1 Prologue – Chapter 4 (104 pages) Feb. 10th Dab of Darkness

Week 2 Chapters 5-10 (115 pages) Feb. 17th Violin in a Void

Week 3 Chapters 11-13 (119 pages) Feb. 24th Books Without Any Pictures

Week 4 Chapters 14-17 (117 pages) March 3rd Book Bound

Week 5 Chapter 18 – END (116 pages) March 10th Violin in a Void

The following questions and discussion will contain spoilers through the end of chapter 13.  I’m putting a Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page so everyone can link up their posts.

What are your theories on Kahl?  Who is he, and what is he up to?

I have a couple different theories about Kahl.  My first theory is that he is the child of Sieh and Enefa, and that she hid his existence to protect Sieh.  Alternately, he could be something new that the Maelstrom spit out.  My guess is that whatever he is, his existence was hidden because he represents a danger to the order of the world.  Enefa’s death would have allowed him to enter the human world, and the squabbling between the Three means that nobody noticed him coming.

We finally get to meet Oree’s daughter, Glee.  Is she what you expected?  What do you think about her role on the council and her hiding Itempas?

Glee reminds me a bit of her mother, only a bit more arrogant.  She’s got an insane amount of confidence and demands respect from everyone, including gods and godlings who aren’t used to respecting anyone other than themselves.  I like her; she represents a new era of cooperation between the gods and mortals.  I wonder why she’s hiding Itempas though.  Is he plotting something?  There has to be a reason why he feels it necessary to conceal himself from Yeine/Naha.

What’s up with Deka?  Does he really like Sieh, or is he using him for some later gain?

I was puzzled by Deka’s romantic overtures to Sieh.  It’s not something I saw coming, and it makes me wonder if he too is playing at something.  He could be trying to get back at Shahar (despite his claims that he is sworn to protect her).  He could be jealous of the fact that she’s slept with him and he hasn’t.  I can’t see Sieh going along with it for too long though; it’s pretty clear that his feelings are for Shahar.  Although, the gods aren’t terribly big on monogamy… I guess my biggest fear is that Sieh has this overwhelming sense of loneliness, but being in an adult relationship with someone might be contrary enough to his nature to ruin him.

In this section, we’re introduced to two new forms of magic–Deka’s use of the gods’ language, and the Darre masks.  What do you think about them?  How do you think the mask will be used?  Does it have anything to do with Sieh’s affliction?

When we first learned about the scriveners in The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, we learned that they drew their power from the gods’ language, and that the written form was far less dangerous than what happened when people tried to speak it.  Deka shows genius in figuring out a new way to channel magic, and the fact that he did so without help and without blowing anything up in the process is incredible.  He’s in a uniquely powerful position, and I hope he uses it for good rather than evil.

The mask is fascinating, and I wanna know more about it.  While it’s theoretically possible to make someone a god, I wonder if it requires some opposite form of balance, such as turning a god into a mortal.  I wonder when the girl tried the mask and whether the timing lined up with when Sieh’s condition began.

What secret do you think Enefa wiped from Sieh’s memory?

I suspect that it has something to do with Kahl. It was also hinted at that Sieh and Enefa were briefly lovers, which seems to support my guess that Sieh is Kahl’s father.  I think Enefa knew that this would happen to Sieh one day.  Maybe it even started before, but she stalled it by making him forget about their relationship and son.

6 thoughts on “The Kingdom of the Gods Readalong, Week 3

  1. 2. I’m also wondering why Glee needs to hide Itempas. What the hell are they up to?

    3. I think Sieh unwittingly started something with Deka when he kissed him as a child. I’m also a bit worried that Deka’s feelings might become problematic if he gets jealous over Shahar. But maybe Sieh will want to be with him too. As you say, the gods don’t believe in monogamy and Sieh hasn’t had as much chance to consider a sexual relationship with Deka; he had more time to develop an attraction to Shahar.

    1. If Sieh tries to love both Deka and Shahar, the two might just become the very Arameri they swear not to be.

  2. I am also curious what Itempas is up to while all this is happening. About Sieh and Deka, I got the impression that Sieh had always kind of loved them both. I think Deka is right that what Sieh really wants is someone who will not disappoint him, but I don’t know if anyone could ever live up to that, Deka included.

    1. Itempas is definitely up to something. And if he’s hiding from Yeine and Naha, it must be something serious.

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