Recipe: Kale & Egg Brunch

kale brunch

Since I started my blog several years ago, I’ve kept my posting almost exclusively to books and bookish things.  I’m trying to get out of a blogging slump and decided that it’s time to change things up a bit.  One of my other hobbies is cooking, and I like to experiment and create new recipes.  I’d like to start sharing some of them.  Not all the time, of course, but maybe once every month or two.  Today’s recipe is my kale & egg brunch.

kale & egg brunch


Onion – Half of a small onion, sliced

Brussels Sprouts – 1 handful, chopped

Kale – 1 handful, chopped

Tomatoes – 3 or 4 sliced cherry or grape tomatoes

Egg – 1 egg

Milk – 1 tsp. (optional)

Cheese – Small handful (optional)

Oil – 1 tbsp.

Seasoning – according to taste


Put oil in pan.  Saute onions and Brussels sprouts over medium heat until slightly browned.  Add kale and tomatoes.  Saute until the kale is wilted.  In a small bowl, beat the egg.  For a creamier egg, add a little bit of milk.  Season the egg according to taste.  I used salt, pepper, and a little bit of basil.  Paprika and/or a hint of cayenne would probably also be delicious.  Add the egg to the pan with the vegetables.  Stir occasionally, as you would when making scrambled eggs.  When the egg is fully cooked, serve topped with a little bit of cheese.  I used Mozzarella, but any cheese works.  Parmesan would have been heavenly, but I ran out.


As with most of the things that I cook, this recipe is very easy to adapt based on whatever you happen to have in your fridge.  You could chop up a piece or two of bacon and use the bacon grease instead of oil.  You could add sausage.  You could substitute different vegetables or greens.  You could use just egg whites if you’re being super health conscious, or you could add more egg if you’re very hungry.  You could use feta cheese and drizzle with Balsamic vinegar to give it a Mediterranean flavor.  The great thing about cooking is that it’s like an art form, and as long as it tastes good, anything goes.

Bon appétit!

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