The Broken Kingdoms Readalong, Week 2

The Broken Kingdoms

Hi everyone, and welcome to week two of The Broken Kingdoms readalong!  This week’s questions were written by Susan at Dab of Darkness and cover chapters 5-10.

The following questions and discussion will contain spoilers and speculation.  If you haven’t read up to chapter 10, you may want to come back once you have.

1) We learned some tidbits about Oree’s father in this section. Who, or what, do you think he was and what do you think of the suspicions about mob madness that Lady Serymn brought up?

I suspect that he was descended from a demon, and that magical power can be passed down to one’s children.  The fact that he, and by extension Oree, are not supposed to exist would explain the secrecy and fear surrounding their magic.  I think Lady Serymn is delusional though, and is just saying things to get Oree to hate Naha.  She is an Arameri, after all.

2) Shiny has some stern views about the relationship between Oree and Madding. What do you think of him testing her love for Madding? Do you think she said yes to Madding for the right reasons?

His test was interesting, and oddly I think it proved to Oree that she does love Madding.  I think that she made the right decision in deciding to stay with him.  Shiny disapproves of their relationship because he likes order and the status quo.  Humans and godlings interacting like that throws some chaos into the mix.

3) The House of the Risen Sun has some followers with skills. What do you think of the holes, The Empty, and what has happened to Oree’s friends, both mortal and immortal? Shiny?

The Empty sounds oddly peaceful if one wasn’t dragged there by force.  The holes into the Empty would take some powerful magic, and I don’t think it’s something ordinary scriveners should be able to do, which leads to a bigger question:  who or what is helping the cultists?  The have to have a trick up their sleeves, otherwise they wouldn’t be so damn confident that they could take on the Nightlord.

4) Are the ambitious plans of the House of the Risen Sun justified? Noble? Or is there a particular follower you already want to seen tossed into The Empty for a spell?

All of them.  Is “peaceful” oppression better than a justified war?  The Arameri spent a very long time hurting other people and wiping out their cultures, forcing them to conform and submit.  That doesn’t sound like a grand ideal worth preserving to me.  Also, if they mess up and Naha gets word, the consequences for humanity could be dire.

5) Lord Dateh, the Nypri, requested a bit of Oree’s blood for study. What do think he will do with it and what part do you think the House of the Risen Sun hopes Oree to play in their plans?

Bad things.  If what I guessed in question one is true, then her blood could have unique properties.  I’m not sure what it’s capable of doing, but whatever it is, it isn’t good.  That would explain too why they thought that taking Oree by force would work.  If it’s only her blood they need and not her compliance, then it doesn’t matter if she agrees to help them or not.  Sure, it would be easier if she went along willingly, but I don’t think their plan depends on it.

See you all next week for chapters 11-16!

10 thoughts on “The Broken Kingdoms Readalong, Week 2

  1. 3. I have wondered how the hell they could even be in a position to murder Nahadoth. It’s not like they could ambush him on his morning stroll or invite him over for tea and poison his cup. So I think you’re right, they must have an advantage that hasn’t been revealed yet. *worried*. At least I can go and read the next section now!

    1. Mhm. It’s troubling. And they have to be 100% sure that they don’t screw up their plan, because I don’t think that Naha would hesitate to kill everything if things went wrong. What they’re doing is dangerous, and they’re gambling with the fate of all mankind.

  2. 3. That makes me wonder if a kinder person could use The Empty as a meditation tool. I think it would be too much for me, though.

    5. They sure seem confident that she’ll come around, though. I don’t think they’ll be able to indoctrinate Oree.

    1. It would be a good place (un-place? not sure what you’d call it) to escape from the world for a little while. The trick would be knowing enough magic to come back home.

      Oree doesn’t seem like the type who’s easy to trick/brainwash. The fact the cult has her friends ensures that she’s not switching sides anytime soon.

  3. Yeah, I think Oree and her father are more than human. I haven’t quite decided how far down from the Godling tree they are, but definitely more than human.

    Good question – who or what is helping the cultists? You’re right – those holes in the Empty would take some serious magic. I wonder if the godlings would know or have a definite guess, so Oree is being kept separate from them.

    1. Oh, I’m sure the godlings would know, but I think also that the cultists are trying (unsuccessfully) to get Oree to go all Stockholm Syndrome. I suspect that the cultists use the Empty to make it seem to new initiates that they are being kind and merciful by stopping it, but that it’s always a looming threat to keep people obedient. *shudders*

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