Top 10 Books of 2013

Top 10 Books of 2013

As the year draws to a close, I would like to share with you a recap of some of the best books that I read during 2013.  Over the course of the year, I read nearly 60 books.  These are my top ten, in no particular order.

  1. vN by Madeline Ashby – A young robot girl eats her psycho grandma, throwing relations between humans and robots into chaos.
  2. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke – Girl and robot fall in love, but let society’s conceptions of them get in the way of their relationship.
  3. Glow by Jessica Maria Tuccelli – Multi-generational story exploring racism in the American south.
  4. The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch – The Gentleman Bastards are up to new adventures, this time rigging an election for the Bondsmagi.
  5. The Black Fire Concerto by Mike Allen – A girl is rescued from a zombie-eating cult by a woman with a magic pipe.
  6. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – A woman accused of murder awaits her execution in an Icelandic village.
  7. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – A man returns to his hometown for a funeral and reminisces about his friendship with Lettie Hempstock, a neighbor girl.
  8. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – A blue-haired teenager raised by magical creatures finds herself at the center of a conflict between heaven and hell.
  9. The Spirit Keeper by K.B. Laugheed – A young woman is kidnapped by Native Americans and decides to join them rather than returning to her abusive family.
  10. Choose Your Weapon by Sarah Rodriguez Pratt – A group of teenagers from different social circles find themselves fighting together to save a world that they visit in their dreams.

What were your favorite books of 2013?

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Books of 2013

  1. Fun list of books, not the least of which because there are books I’ve not even heard of, which means I get the fun of looking at them more closely.

    Happy to see The Mad Scientist’s Daughter on there. Made my list as well. I have vN on the shelf and need to get to it.

    1. Thanks! I love reading all of the end of the year book lists, because I get to see everyone’s favorites and discover new and awesome books. 🙂

    1. The Scott Lynch series has such glorious creative cussing. Those books make me so happy. If you get a chance you should try them.

  2. I’m honored that you included “Choose Your Weapon” in this list — and among such an illustrious group of books, too! That means so much to me.

    I have wanted to read many of the other titles, but now I may have to read all nine of them.

    Here’s to reading some more great books in 2014!

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