Cyber Monday E-book Acquisitions

I don’t normally buy books for my Kindle.  I use it primarily for NetGalley, sequels, and public domain reading, but the Cyber Monday sales were awesome and I ended up buying several books that had been on my radar for a while now:


  • Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson – I’m a shameless Brandon Sanderson fangirl and am ashamed that I haven’t read this one yet.
  • Lilith’s Brood trilogy by Octavia Butler – Octavia Butler’s novels are both disturbing and thought-provoking, and use science fiction to explore issues such as race and gender relations.
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – I had a discussion with a friend at a bar about why I should read this book.  I’d been meaning to pick up a copy, and Cyber Monday was a convenient excuse.


  • Stardust by Neil Gaiman – Neil Gaiman is the man.  Also, he likes libraries.
  • Night of Cake & Puppets by Laini Taylor – A novella about Mik and Zuzana.  I’m hoping that it’ll help tide me over till Taylor releases book three in the trilogy.
  • Katya’s War by Jonathan Howard – Because I realized that I forgot to download the book from NetGalley.  Oops.  I still want to read it as part of the Science Fiction Experience, so I needed my own copy.

Did you get any new books recently?

19 thoughts on “Cyber Monday E-book Acquisitions

  1. Good stuff! I picked up Steelheart as well, and a book called Silversands by Gareth Powell and one called The Last City by Nina D’Aleo.

    It had been a long while since I had read a book on the Kindle until getting back into the second Ellie Quin book last week, and now I’m in the mood to do a little Kindle reading.

    1. Sounds like some good choices! I read on my Kindle when I’m taking public transit, but since I moved in May, I can walk to work, so I don’t get to it quite as often. I’ve been making a conscious effort to use it more lately, because my four bookshelves are packed Tetris style with books and I need to decide whether to buy another or to clean out some of the books I’ve read and donate them to the library.

  2. Well, that sucks. I either missed the Steelheart sale or it wasn’t available in Canada. That happens sometimes. Oh, well. I want to concentrate on rereading The Way of Kings before starting anything else by him anyway. I got the newest Bess Crawford book and Wishin’ and Hoping by Wally Lamb. I didn’t want to get much because my e-reader broke and I am waiting for it to come back!

    1. It wasn’t really advertised; I only knew about it because the book was on one of my Amazon wishlists. 🙂

      I’d probably reread The Way of Kings too, but I loaned it to a friend, so instead I’m just gonna reread all of my readalong notes. I need more Kaladin in my life.

    1. Oooh, nice. I read The Hobbit when I was in high school and was ambivalent about it, but I think as an adult that my opinion might be different.

  3. I’ve just started my first Octavia Butler book – Dawn – the book before Lilith’s Breed I think (not sure). I’m only 60 pages in and am kicking myself for not trying her books before.

    1. Her writing is so good! I’ve read a few books in her Patternist series and was blown away. She’s the kind of author that can take a social injustice and hit you over the head with how very wrong it is. She doesn’t gloss over things, but makes sure that they impact her readers and leave a lasting impression.

  4. I’m so jelly of your Steelheart buy! I saw it was cheap, but I was waiting to get paid before I bought any more books… and I’m also a little ashamed I haven’t read it yet, hahaha. I can’t wait to see what you think of it!

    1. I’m so curious about it. I love pretty much everything by Brandon Sanderson that I’ve ever read (with the exception of “Warbreaker,” which I thought was alright, but not up to his usual standards). I’m excited to see what happens when he writes for a young adult audience.

      1. I just got a copy of Steelheart from my online library, so I finally get to read it, too! 🙂
        I see you also bought Stardust, which is a really fun Gaiman book.
        As for myself, I’ve been trying to resist buying books since I spent so much money buying other people books for Christmas! I’m hoping to get Words of Radiance by Sanderson from my brother, and I am probably going to buy him the newest Game of Thrones Novel. When my next semester starts, I have 25 books for classes that I’ll be reading, so I’ll be able to spend lots of time with novels once again.

        1. I can’t wait till Words of Radiance comes out.

          When I was in college I used to take lit classes when I could fit the in just to make sure that I’d make time to fit reading fiction into my schedule. I spent a lot of quality time with Dostoevsky. Actually, those classes are one of the things I miss most about undergrad.

          1. I am really excited for it, too!
            I love my lit classes. I actually got inducted to an English honor society, and the first thing I’m going to do as an officer next semester is start their book club back up. If only so I can keep participating in good book discussions after I graduate. I know that’s what I’m going to miss the most!

  5. Happy reading! I enjoyed Outlander; looking forward to your review on it. (and on the rest of them, of course.) 🙂

    I haven’t picked up any books recently, unfortunately. 🙁 But! Christmas is coming and I’m pretty sure at least one person has got me a book, so hopefully soon I’ll be adding to my MASSIVE library! (Also, a friend is getting rid of books so in the next few weeks I’ll be getting a copy of LeGuin’s Four Ways to Forgiveness.)

    1. Thank you! Christmas books are exciting. Let me know what you think of the LeGuin; I’ve read a couple of her books now and have been quite impressed. 🙂

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