September 2013: A Month in Review

September has come to an end, and so it’s time for my Month-in-Review post.

September was a productive month for blogging.  I reviewed a total of 9 books, 3 of which counted toward the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril challenge.  I also welcomed Brandon Engel for a Guest Post on H.P. Lovecraft.

For at least the next few days, I will have a lot more time for reading and blogging than anticipated.  As someone whose job is contingent on federal funding, I’m out of work for the duration of the shutdown.  Hopefully it doesn’t last very long.  I’m trying to count my blessings and use the spare time well, but it’s a stressful and annoying situation to be caught in.IMG_0792

Of course, I have the following new books to keep me busy:

  • “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman – I won this in a giveaway at The Blog of Litwits.  I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and you can’t go wrong with Neil Gaiman.
  • “Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent – This is a review copy of a book about an Icelandic murderess awaiting execution in the 1800s.  It’s either going to be amazing or horribly depressing.  I’m putting my bets on amazing.
  • “The Color of Light” by Helen Maryles Shankman – Part of a TLC Book Tour.  The books is about vampires, Nazis, and art, which seem like a winning combination.

I’m hoping while furloughed to make a serious dent in my TBR pile, as well as to start catching up on reviews.  I’ve got a queue of about ten books that I’ve read recently but not written about yet, and now seems like an opportune time to work on them.

What are your October reading plans?  Have you gotten any new and exciting books lately?

12 thoughts on “September 2013: A Month in Review

  1. Burial Rites is both really good and depressing: it is well-told, but everyone in it is cold/starving/dying in some terrible way. It’s also a fictional account of real historical events (the last execution in Iceland), which is quite interesting.

  2. Furloughed too. Trying to get back going on my Guardian challenge. Have finished one Trollope and hope to knock off a few more things before we go back. Good luck.

  3. I loved “The Ocean at the End of the Lane!” I’m very curious to see what you think of it. (Your review of “The Passage” makes me want to run right out to the library and get it.)

    1. You should! It’s a perfect read, especially around Halloween. I’m looking forward to the Neil Gaiman. Last fall I read “The Graveyard Book” and adored it.

      1. I’ve read “American Gods” and “Neverwhere” and “Fragile Things.” Loved them all, but “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” really got to me. I keep trying to take out “The Graveyard Book,” but it’s always checked out! All right, it’s off to the library. I know what I’m reading this weekend.

        1. I haven’t read American Gods yet, but a friend recently loaned it to me, so I’m hoping to start it soon.

          Happy reading!

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