New Header, and Guest Post from the Artist

My new blog header is finally finished.  I wanted something more reflective of my personality that expressed my love of fantasy and Russian literature.  I love how it turned out!

The artist (my younger sister) prepared a guest post for me about her concept and vision.  To see more of her work, visit

This is Krill. He is the dragon that you see picture. Since he’s going to be hanging out for a while, or at least hopes to be, I’d like to spend some time helping you to get to know him.

First and foremost, while he may look cute, he is a ferocious dragon who will roast anyone who dares mock him. (No, really, he will, he assures you. Those are not puffs of accidental smoke when he coughs, nor is fire ever lacking when he wants it, he promises.)

Krill loves coffee. If you give him coffee, he will be your best friend. He’ll even stick his long, forked tongue into your cup to make it *his* cup of coffee. I mean, you don’t want it after he’s licked it, right? Right?

Like a kitty, Krill likes to be petted. He likes when you rub his head right behind the horns, or massage his back riiiiiiiight after where his wings connect to his body. Oh, and don’t pull his tail. Yes, he is very much like a kitty. A very ferocious kitty that can puff smoke and flame. And that drinks coffee.

He also likes books. This is why he lives with Grace, whose own book collection rivals that of a library’s. What he really likes to eat is books. Of course, he swears he’s not going to do this. Those bite marks are not his. Nope, definitely not. Those must be the boyfriend’s. The kitty’s. The dog’s? What do you mean she doesn’t have pets? They have to be somebody’s!?! Krill is innocent! He swears no book eating! He swore to it when he moved in!

…Krill might have eaten that book. It just smelled so good, the smell of fresh printed pages, brand new ink, exciting adventures! He just couldn’t help it. He likes manuscripts too! Especially handprinted ones, but those are rare and valuable, so he tries to only eat paper ones, ones that have already been reviewed and edited, yes, yes those ones.

And he loves old books also! They just smell so wonderful! He promises he can live to smell these ones only, that as long as he has coffee he will never, ever take a bite out of them!

Mama Matroshkya, while keeping her own kids in line, is rolling her eyes. She does not believe Krill. Krill knows she does not believe him. Even though Krill would never eat something like Mama Matroshkya, she’d taste bad. Not like fine paper or coffee!

Krill would like to stay here for a long time. Because the books just taste so- he means, smell so good! And the stories! Oh yes, he is very, very happy here. Krill is quite a happy dragon. A very happy, ferocious, fear-inspiring dragon. Oh yes.

15 thoughts on “New Header, and Guest Post from the Artist

  1. Does Krill have a brother? Because my blog could use a strong, fearsome dragon like him. I like to alternate between coffee and tea though, so perhaps if he has a British cousin, the cousin could move in with me? 😉

    1. Coffee is one thing that I never let myself run out of. I have two tins of beans and then a jar of crappy instant coffee for moments of desperation. 😛

  2. What an adorable description. I particularly enjoyed: A very ferocious kitty that can puff smoke and flame. ::giggles::

    Also, apparently a boyfriend is also a pet? This I did not know. 😉

  3. A coffee drinking dragon – who knew! Shouldn’t he be drinking a ginger scald or a flaming tahiti! I love it – especially the dolls.
    Lynn 😀

  4. Love the story and the header (thanks for visitng me 🙂 – I love that we have the same book icons/buttons or whatever those are.. So not web tech creating savvy.

    I think your sister needs to make little mini Krills and send them out to the world.. They are so cute.. and who wouldnt want a coffee drinking fierce dragon 🙂 he is defintiely cute enough to overlook the occassionally nibble

    1. Thanks! I’m still trying to work out the social media buttons… for some reason, they won’t go any closer together than that. 🙂

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