“The Wake of the Bloody Angel” by Alex Bledsoe (giveaway included)

I received this book for free from TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

“The Wake of the Bloody Angel” by Alex Bledsoe (giveaway included)The Wake of the Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe
Series: Eddie LaCrosse #4
Published: 2012 by Tor
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Pages: 350
Format: ARC
Source: TLC Book Tours
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Avast, ye landlubbers!  In case you didn’t get enough pirate fun yesterday during International Talk Like a Pirate Day, today is my stop on the blog tour of Alex Bledsoe’s “The Wake of the Bloody Angel.”  The tour is hosted by TLC Book Tours, and I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review… you know the drill.  I’m also counting it toward the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII event, as this book has such delightful ghosts and sea monsters.

“The Wake of the Bloody Angel” is technically the fourth book in the Eddie LaCrosse series, but the books are self-contained mysteries, so it isn’t important to have read the earlier stories to understand this one.  I haven’t read any of them and still enjoyed this segment; there were a couple allusions to earlier events, but nothing major.  This book makes me want to jump back in and read some of the earlier books, because the idea of a detective novel set in a fantasy world is awesome and allows for a lot of intriguing possibilities.

Eddie LaCrosse is a sword jockey; he’s basically a cross between a mercenary and a private investigator.  One of his close friends, the lovely barmaid Angelina, hires him to track down her former love interest, a reputable pirate named Black Edward Tew.  Of course, Angelina hasn’t heard from him in more than twenty years, and his disappearance and treasure have already become engrained in pirate lore.  Enlisting the aid of a pirate-queen-turned-pirate-hunter named Jane, Eddie sets sail to pick up an impossibly cold trail.  It will take all of his considerable skills to solve this one!

I enjoyed the fact that Eddie has a conscience.  Part of the reason why he’s a mercenary is so that he can set his own rules and not do anything terribly unethical.  Basically, he only kills the bad guys, making him the type of hero that you can root for.  Sometimes I do enjoy antiheroes, but in this case, Eddie’s moral compass is a major theme throughout the story, and he’s unequivocally the good guy.

Jane was easily my favorite character.  She’s the kind of kickass heroine that I wish showed up in more books; she’s competent, self-possessed, and ruthless.

One of the things that I found interesting about the book is that it features a middle-aged protagonist.  Eddie LaCrosse is in his forties, and he’s quite clearly not as young and spry as used to be.  It’s a mature sort of adventure, and that’s a good thing.  As many of the characters were older, there was a recurring idea of figuring out what you want from life and what makes you happy, regardless of societal pressure to do things differently.  Both Eddie and Jane’s love lives reflected this.  Neither of their relationships are truly conventional, but they suit the characters well.

I’d definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for a swashbucklingly good read.  If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, the publishers at TOR are letting me give away a copy.  The giveaway is limited to folks in the US and Canada.  Just leave a comment to enter, and I’ll pull names out of a hat on Thursday, September 27, which is a week from today.

39 thoughts on ““The Wake of the Bloody Angel” by Alex Bledsoe (giveaway included)

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m also doing the R.I.P. this year!. Well I hope I will get selected, even though my boyfriend will sure make fun of me when he sees the cover ^-^

  2. Sounds like a good book! I’m a sucker for stories with definite good guys – moral ambiguity can be interesting but I love being able to just root for a character. I’m following your blog now, too. 🙂 Love the reviews – keep them coming!

  3. Ok, now I have to read this. Because I keep looking for strong women who are also ruthless. I feel like a lot of female protagonists, while strong and badass fail to be ruthless on top it all. I just finished reading the first book in a series where the female main character is strong and ruthless, but is also a drug addict. I need to write a review, but I’m honestly letting the story germinate in my brain for a bit.

    1. Oooh, which series? That sounds like it could be interesting.

      I love books with strong female characters. When I was growing up, so much of what was out there featured the damsel in distress, and while that’s fine occasionally, I want heroines that are as awesome as the heroes.

    1. This was the first of his books that I’ve read, although I’ve had “The Hum and the Shiver” on my wishlist for a long time after reading reviews about it. I definitely want to read more of his books; this one was delightful!

    1. I went to the bookstore and couldn’t find any of his other books. I guess that means I’ll have to find them at the library or online… I definitely want to see what else he has to offer!

    1. I liked the way that Bledsoe could inject a few serious themes into a book that’s overall a light and fun read without ruining it or making it too dark. It was a delight to read! I’m a fan of the cover too.

  4. Jane definitely sounds like my kind of heroine. I also like the sound of pirates and sea monsters. It just makes me think of one big adventure.

    1. Grand adventure stories are great fun, which is part of why I loved this one so much. It’s got some serious undertones, but overall remains lighthearted and entertaining. 🙂

  5. I’ve just finished this one, a bit too late for this year’s RIP but it definitely fits that theme 🙂
    I’m a big fan of the Eddie LaCrosse books, they are just plain entertainment and good storytelling. (I’m not a fan of the cover though)

    1. This is the only one that I’ve read, but when I go to the bookstore I always keep a lookout for the others. I agree on the cover; it looks more like a romance novel than fantasy.

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