August 2012: A Month in Review

August has been a busy month, but I managed to squeeze in a good deal of reading before the start of the semester.  Here’s what I read/reviewed this month:

During August my blog hit the milestone of reaching more than 50,000 overall views.  I want to thank all of you for making it possible; when I started blogging, I never thought that anyone would read what I had to say.

September’s going to be a busy month.  The new semester has begun, and this time I’m taking classes on Archival Management and IT in Libraries.  I’m scheduled to participate in two blog tours toward the end of the month.  One is of Alex Bledsoe’s pirate novel entitled “The Wake of the Bloody Angel,” and the other is of Giles Christian’s “Blood Eye,” which is a fantasy novel about Vikings.  I’m looking forward to reading both titles!

September is also the start of R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII, hosted by Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings, which will involve reading gothic/horror/spooky fiction, as well as some  readalongs.  See RIP VII: Intro Post & Reading Pool for a basic idea of what I’m hoping to read over the next two months.

What are your reading plans for the upcoming month?

9 thoughts on “August 2012: A Month in Review

  1. Not a bad list of books considering how busy you’ve been. And the pirate and viking novel sound pretty awesome. I wish I was involved with the blog tours. And yes, RIP is here! I’ve been waiting all year. Congrats on the 50,000 views. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

    1. I signed up with TLC Book Tours this summer because I thought it was a neat idea, and I’m liking the experience thus far. I’m very happy about both of the books that I’ll be reading for them this month.

      I’m so glad it’s RIP time. Carl’s challenges are always such lovely events. 🙂

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