June 2012: A Month in Review

June was an exciting month for me, as it marked my attendance of Book Expo America for the first time.  My posts about BEA can be found here:

Book Expo was an amazing experience, and was great for networking with both authors and publishers.  I learned more about blogging and the book industry during those three days than during the entire year that I had been writing my blog.

I am a bit behind on reviewing, as it’s been a much busier month than I’d anticipated.  I did, however, manage to get reviews posted of six books:

I also participated in a readalong of Brandon Sanderson’s “Warbreaker” (review forthcoming) and am in the process of a blog-tour style readalong of “The Well of Ascension.”

I’m hoping to get caught up on writing reviews during the first half of July.


Remember when I said that I wasn’t going to buy any more books after BEA for a very long time?  Well, I lied.  In my defense, a storm knocked out power (and the air conditioner and fridge, which still aren’t up and running yet) this weekend, and Barnes & Noble was air conditioned.  I came across a copy of Catherynne Valente’s “Deathless” and am already quite enamored of it.  I mean, what kind of book would suit me more than a beautifully written fairy tale set in Soviet Russia?  I started reading it in the store and decided that it must come home with me.

I also ended up picking up a couple Kindle books over the past few weeks.  I decided to purchase Deborah Harkness’ “A Discovery of Witches,” as I have the sequel among my BEA books and wanted to read them in order.  I bought Catherynne Valente’s “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making,” because yeah.  Cat Valente is my new hero.  I also picked up L. S. Engler‘s first book, a collection of short stories entitled “Bowlful of Bunnies,” which is delightful thus far!

So… um… yeah.  Maybe this month I’ll be more successful in stopping myself from buying new books, but somehow I doubt it.

What are your reading plans for July?  Found any good books lately?

15 thoughts on “June 2012: A Month in Review

  1. Six reviews in a month is pretty good! Sounds like you picked up some interesting books, I’ll have to check out Catherynne Valente. Good luck with the air conditioning & happy 4th!

    1. The A/C came back on sometime early this morning and it’s one of the most wonderful feelings in the world! Of course, I still have to go to work after not having a full night’s sleep since Friday, but it’s air conditioned there too. 🙂

  2. I can feel your pain on the lack of AC. Ours was out for two weeks and we were hermits at our parent’s houses. But it’s back now and I am grateful for it. 🙂

    A lot of interesting books in your TBR pile. I will keep my thoughts on Discovery of Witches to myself, since I’m in a minority on it. 🙂

    1. I am so grateful that it’s back on now, albeit a bit annoyed that the food in the fridge/freezer all had to be thrown out and I had just gone grocery shopping a day or two before. Oh well…

      I started Discovery of Witches while sitting outside on the balcony while the power was out trying to keep cool. I’m not sure what I think of it so far; the author has a tendency to ramble, but there are old documents, so I’m excusing it for now.

    1. I haven’t read it yet, but I heard Catherynne Valente read an excerpt from the sequel while I was in New York and it’s wonderful. I’ve decided that I must read all of her books. 🙂

  3. Hi Grace

    I’ve also got a copy of ‘The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland….’ Looking forward to eventually reaching this one. Perhaps you’ll have already read your copy and i can check out your review first.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Thanks! I started reading it a few days ago, and it’s interesting thus far. Normally I’m not that big on vampire novels, but I’m forgiving it because the vampires/witches/etc. are scholars who are fond of old manuscripts.

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