May 2012: A Month in Review

May has been a busy and exciting month.  I’m done with classes for the summer, which gives me a bit more time to read.  It’s been nice not to have due dates and assignments.  I went camping last weekend with my family in Pennsylvania, which was a very relaxing way to spend Memorial Day weekend.

I’ve been participating in a lot of groupreads this month:

As much as I love groupreads, this past weekend I was doing three at once, and I think that’s a bit excessive.  From now on I’m going to try to keep it to no more than two at a time.  After we’re done with “Neverwhere” we’re going to be reading the next book in the Mistborn series, and I’ll post more details on that as soon as I find out more.

In addition to the groupreads, I read six other books:

During the first week of June I’ll be attending Book Expo America at the Javits Center in NYC.  I’m looking forward to the conference and even had business cards printed for my blog.  I’ll be posting Twitter updates throughout the week, but I haven’t decided whether to post about the conference while I’m there or to wait until the week after.  I have no idea what to expect and would welcome any advice from people who have been there before.

Next month I’m also planning to post about my new adventures with graphic novels/comics.  My other reading plans involve some ARCs that I’ve received and whittling down my ever-increasing TBR pile.

How has everyone’s month been going?  Anything exciting coming up in June?

8 thoughts on “May 2012: A Month in Review

    1. I had a hard time stopping after the first one; the only reason that I did was because I knew that there would be groupreads of the next two.

  1. Between group reads and some interesting books, I’ve read a lot in May. Like you, I’ve got a pile of ARCs to read and I’d love to whittle down that TBR pile.

    My idea to not buy any more books until I’d got rid of at least four from the TBR pile died quickly. I’ve got to have more discipline, doggone it!

    As for June, I’m eager to read the new Scalzi novel.

    1. Me too on the Scalzi. My boyfriend picked up “Old Man’s War” a couple weeks ago and dropped off the face of the planet for a day or two until he finished it. I started it and am having the same reaction to it. I can’t wait to read more of his books!

      I tend to fail at keeping myself from buying more books because I read too many book blogs and then lose resolve.

  2. So glad you enjoyed Old Man’s War. All 4 books of that series are great, so keep reading!

    I hear you on group reads. I’m enjoying them, but one at a time can be a bit much. If we weren’t all excited about continuing with Mistborn I would be taking a group read break. Wish I could be reading Warbreaker with the group but it would have broken me to try to squeeze that in.

    1. Awesome, I plan on it. “Old Man’s War” was fantastic and I look forward to reading more of Scalzi’s books.

      I love groupreads, but at the same time I’ve noticed that I’ve been a lot busier than usual and it’s hard to keep up, especially since I haven’t been around the past couple weekends. I was going to take a bit of a break and stick to one at a time, but I decided to do “Warbreaker” because I was about to read it anyway.

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