New Acquisitions – 5/6/12


Since I’m almost done with the semester, I took a trip to the used bookstore to celebrate and found some sci-fi treasures.  I’ve been following Women In SF&F Month over at Fantasy Cafe, which made me want to pick up some more sci-fi novels by female authors.

  • “The Quiet Invasion” by Sarah Zettel – Andrea over at The Little Red Reviewer recently reviewed “Fool’s War” by Sarah Zettel, which made me want to read it.  It’s out of print, so I was hoping that I might be able to find a used copy.  The used bookstore didn’t have it, but they did have this one!  It’s about aliens that land on Venus.
  • “The Speed of Dark” by Elizabeth Moon – This one is a Nebula-winner.  It’s about a man with autism who is offered a cure, but must decide whether to accept it because it would change the way that he thinks and perceives the world.
  • “Dinosaur Planet Survivors” by Anne McCaffrey – This one seems to be set in the same universe as Sassinak, which I enjoyed a lot despite it’s many flaws.  Space pirates and dinosaurs make me happy.  Anne McCaffrey is my go-to author for comfort reading, and this seems like something I’d enjoy.
  • “Nimisha’s Ship” by Anne McCaffrey – This one is set in the same universe as the Crystal Singer trilogy.  I’ll be reading both of the McCaffrey books a bit out of order, but I don’t think it matters because her stories tend to be able to stand alone even when they’re a part of a series.
  • My copy of C. S. Friedman’s “Legacy of Kings,” the final book of the Magister Trilogy, also came in this weekend.  I was going to wait to buy it till it came out in paperback, but it was on sale on Amazon a few days ago and I couldn’t resist.  I’m not very patient when waiting for sequels.

Has anyone read any of these, and if so, how are they?  Have you gotten any new books lately?

16 thoughts on “New Acquisitions – 5/6/12

  1. Let me know what you think of the Zettel! it’s unfortunate how hard her older SF is to find, so it’s always worth grabbing when you can find it. I’m very curious to hear more about that Elizabeth Moon book as well.

    1. I’m very curious about Zettel! I was happy to find even one of her books; the used bookstore that I go to has a better SF/F section than even new bookstores around here, so if I was going to find it anywhere that would be the place. I’ll keep an eye out for it; maybe they’ll get it eventually. Your review made me want to read “Fool’s War;” I think the idea of a female Muslim protagonist in sci-fi is awesome. The one I got looks like it’s going to be a pretty interesting read as well.

  2. I have not read any of them but they are good looking finds. I plan on hosting a McCaffrey read sometime this summer (Dragonflight) as I have not read any of her work. So I’ll be interested in your thoughts on these two. Dinosaur Planet sounds like the kind of thing that trips my trigger. The Speed of Dark sounds great. Haven’t read any of Moon’s work either.

    1. Oooh, that would be awesome! I’ve read a lot of McCaffrey’s random sci-fi books, but I haven’t read Dragonflight yet or any of the Pern novels. She’s one of those writers that I can’t help but enjoy.

    1. How is it? It looks like one of those books that will be on one hand depressing but on the other hand psychologically fascinating. 🙂

      1. I found them thematically linked with stories about main characters with handicaps who could have that handicap reduced or removed via a medical procedure.

  3. Space pirates and…dinosaurs. That’s kind of making my brain hurt and intriguing me at the same time. I’ve been saying forever I should read some non-Pern McCaffrey…ones of these days!

    1. I need to get around to trying her Pern books. I feel like I’ve read a lot of what she’s written, just not what she’s most famous for. 🙂

    1. I wrote one that she and Anne McCaffrey both worked on. The pacing was off, but it was still a fun space opera type read. This one looks like it’ll be a bit more serious.

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