Red Seas Under Red Skies Readalong, Part II

Welcome to the second week of the Red Seas Under Red Skies readalong hosted by The Little Red Reviewer.

The RSURS fan art to the left is Locke Lamora – colour by tenleftthumbs.  It seemed particularly fitting for this week’s section of the book.

It might take me a couple days to get around to visiting everyone’s posts; it’s finals time and I still have some work to finish up before the weekend’s over.

From this point onward there will be spoilers.

“And I meant it.  I’m not going to kill you, you cabbage-brained twit; I’m just going to kick you until it stops feeling good!”

Now that we know a little more about Selendri and Requin, what do you think of them? I worry Locke is suddenly realizing this con might be a bit tougher than he expected.

Scott Lynch doesn’t cease to amaze me with sheer number of ways that he can come up with to torture people.  Poor Selendri… My guess is that even though Selendri got her arm burned off she’s still working for the Archon.  I don’t think you can just stop being an Eye.  There’s a reason why she doesn’t like Locke, and I think she knows that Requin is being played.  If so, then why isn’t she telling on him?

What did you think of  Salon Corbeau and the goings on that occur there? A bit crueler than a Camorri crime boss, no?

To reiterate from the last question:  Scott Lynch doesn’t cease to amaze me with the sheer number of ways he can come up with to torture people.  Please oh please let Locke give them all a dose of their own medicine.  Lady Saljesca gets Falconer treatment though.  It’s very rare that I wish characters to die slowly and painfully, but torturing poor people for your own perverse amusement is WRONG.

The Archon might be a megalomaniacal military dictator, but he thinks he’s doing right by Tal Verrar: his ultimate goal seems to be to protect them.  What do you think he’s so afraid of?

The Bondsmagi are some pretty scary dudes.  I could see the Archon fearing their power, especially if it interferes with his own.  Honestly though I think he’s just afraid of losing his funding/navy.

And who the heck is trying to kill Locke and Jean every few days?  they just almost got poisoned (again!)!

I’m thinking Selendri.  She’s close enough to the Archon to know that Locke and Jean are up to something, but she’s not stupid and wants to clean things up herself.  Of course, I’m probably wrong, and it’s probably someone we haven’t even met yet.

Do you really think it’s possibly for a city rat like Locke to fake his way onto a Pirate ship?

Of course, and I can’t wait to see him try!

A couple random things bothered me in this section.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the book so far, but… the tipping scene seemed a bit anachronistic.  Tipping’s a pretty modern American concept, and it felt out of place.  Also, what’s up with the whole “larboard” thing?

I love how we’re seeing so much clockwork in RSURS so far.  It gives the book kind of a steampunk aesthetic, which is quite different from Camorr.

See everyone next week for chapters 7-10!


Edit as of 5/6/12:  I was wrong about the larboard and the tipping.  I’m learning a lot this week!

Also, I skipped a question because I wrote this up in a sleep-deprived haze at 2am after finishing up several papers.  Time to write down the answer!

Isn’t the Artificers’ Crescent just amazing?  If you could purchase anything there, what would it be?

I want a cute fluffy clockwork pet that I’m not allergic to!  I’m tired of being allergic to everything that’s adorable and fuzzy, and I think the Artificer’s could help me with that.

24 thoughts on “Red Seas Under Red Skies Readalong, Part II

  1. Agreed on Stragos. It’s actually kind of nice, how we see what drives him. He’s the good sort of “villain” who has beliefs and acts according to them and genuinely believes he’s doing the right thing. (Not saying whether he is or isn’t, I keep away from politics…)

    1. It’ll be interesting to see if those are his real motivations or whether he’s stringing Locke and Jean along to get them to do what he wants.

  2. Scott Lynch certainly has a very active imagination – I guess we should be happy he decided to just write about the things he comes up with!!!
    I get the feeling with Selendri that she just doesn’t like anybody. full stop. Except Requin. They’re close knit. I suppose in a way they put me in mind of Locke and Jean – they’ve been together so long they can anticipate each other’s mind and they’re not overly fond of the idea of putting their trust in anybody else.
    Lynn 😀

      1. agreed. She doesn’t like anyone. but i think if she really wanted Locke dead, she wouldn’t be so sneaky about it. She’d just kill him in the climbing closet, and then tell Requin it was self defense or something. And then wow, the whole story would be over. 🙁

        1. She seems a very direct character and Requin would accept her version of events but there is more to her – maybe she knows things about the Archon or maybe she is unhappy with life – and Locke will have to dig that out to get around her

          1. I don’t think he’ll get very far with her though. I love the interactions between the two of them because she’s not the type to be easily manipulated or influenced by emotions.

  3. I think the Archon has grand ambitions focussed on reshaping the course of history and the world. His immediate problem is the Priori and Requin but his biggest threat comes from the Bondsmagi. He’s a skilled tactician so he’s carefully laying out pieces so he can strengthen his position and start removing his enemies. What if the Archon set up the Requin assassination attempt and Selendri just happened to get in the way?

  4. Interesting ideas about Selendri: I’m not sure that the Archon would be happy to know what she is doing though.

    I have to disagree with you about tipping being a modern American thing. It has been regular practice in certain parts of Europe since the 15th Century, so it isn’t as out of place as it seems. The term ‘larboard’ was later replaced in the 19th Century by ‘port’ because it was too similar to ‘starboard’ and people got confused.

    1. Hmm, ok. Both felt a little off while I was reading. Must be just me. 🙂

      Of course, even though I don’t know how I feel about the tipping scene, I was amused that they didn’t tip Merrain. I get the feeling that they don’t like her very much, despite the fact that she keeps saving their lives.

      1. thanks for the Larboard/Port explanation! I never got that bit either, but then again, I’ve never been out on the ocean, only in little bitty lakes.

    1. Good to know! I’m learning so much this week! 🙂

      I think that there’s a lot more to Selendri than meets the eye. She reminds me a bit of The Spider in the last book because I want to root for Locke but don’t want to be rooting against her.

  5. Ha! Interesting thinking about Selendri. 🙂 I was very much surprised when she said she used to be an Eye and I believe it’s one of those rare situations when Locke got a big surprise (enough to render him temporarily speechless).

    1. Thanks! Locke’s gonna get more than he bargained for with Selendri. I want to learn more about her backstory before she started hanging out with Requin.

  6. I’m also hoping that between their schemes that our heroes will take a bit of time to bring down the Salon. For the person behind the assassination attempts I’m thinking about the other right-arm, Merain.

    1. Hmm… I didn’t think of Merrain. It would be interesting if she was behind the attempts, as she’s the one who’s at least appearing to protect them.

  7. I didn’t even think of Selendri for the assassin attempts, but it makes sense. She wouldn’t want Requin to know she was going behind his back, but she seems like she would definitely prefer Locke dead.

  8. Keep me a non-allergic fluffy pet somewhere, please!
    I like your reflexion on Selendri, indeed maybe she knows and she’s trying to get rid of them before something happens to Requin. She seems like a dark and mysterious character, I wonder if we’ll have time to see enough of her with Locke away at sea…

    1. I’m tired of being allergic to everything cute, lol… 😀

      I wonder what’s going to happen to Locke’s plan while he’s at sea. Something tells me Requin isn’t going to act like he’s supposed to because Locke’s been too suspicious lately.

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