“These are your kids on books” and BEA question

My sister found this floating around the internet and shared it with me. I love the power of imagination!

This is pretty much my last week of the semester, so I’ll probably be a bit behind on posting things here for the next few days.  After that I shall be binge-reading, and it shall be glorious!

Question:  Did any of you go to Book Expo America last year?  Is it worth the trip?  I’m a broke grad student, so if I don’t win the Independent Book Blogger Awards (and I doubt that I will) then it’s going to be tough for me to swing it.  I’m thinking though that instead of doing the whole thing I might be able to make it a day trip.  Is a day trip worth it?  If so, then what day is best?

13 thoughts on ““These are your kids on books” and BEA question

  1. I haven’t been to it so I am of no help. Enjoy your reading binge though. I remember the feeling of finishing up a semester.

    1. I think it would be really fun to go, I’m just trying to figure out if I can manage it, lol. Only a few more days of papers!

    1. Haha, I think that’s where she found it. She was like “Grace, I found this and you need to post it on your blog ASAP.”

  2. I love that image, and saw it on FB too! I need to e-mail it to my Mom, I know she’d be like “duh! that’s why I encouraged you and your sister to read when you were kids”.

    i too am no help when it comes to BEA. Have never been. If you can swing it a as day trip I say go for it. I imagine the networking is priceless, and maybe a one-day badge isn’t too expensive? it’s often the hotel that kills one’s budget, whereas gas & cheapo food (or bring some of your own snacks) is often do-able.

    1. Yeah. I’m in DC, so it’s a pretty cheap/easy bus ride. I’ve done day trips with friends where we hop a bus at midnight, get to NYC at like 6 am, and then stay until we’re tired enough that we decide to hop a bus back. It’s the hotel that would be the expensive part, but if I just do a day trip then it would be very manageable.

  3. I shared that image on my G+ yesterday! I love it as well. It strikes so many good feeling chords in me.

    Also, I did not go. Next time I go to a conference it is probably going to be a library related one, or comic con. Not sure which yet.

    1. I haven’t been to any kind of conference before (excluding an anime con that I got dragged to with my little sisters). I think it would be really fun to go, but it’s going to be tough, lol. I think I’d be in nerd heaven the entire time. 🙂

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