Mistborn Groupread, Part IV

Hey everyone!  So I might have accidentally finished the book… it was pretty much impossible to stop after this week’s section.  It was intense, and I’m so excited to start the next one!

This week’s Mistborn fan art is Mistborn – Inquisitor II by Inkthinker.

This week’s questions were written by Lynn.  You can find links to everyone else’s posts over at Stainless Steel Droppings.

From this point on there will be spoilers from section four.  I’ll avoid end of the book spoilers till next week.

Well, we finally got our long awaited view of the Lord Ruler, firstly just a brief glimpse during the executions and then during the fight with Kelsier.  What do you now think about him and the myth’s surrounding him?  And, given his strength do you think he can be beaten?

Having finished the book, I’m not going to comment on whether he can be beaten.  Overall though my opinion still stands that although he’s a tyrant he still has a function.  The executions were chilling, and the Lord Ruler is an evil that must be stopped.  If they beat him then they’re going to have to deal with the Deepness, and the consequences will never be the same.  I don’t think that it’s an eventuality that they prepared for, but there’s definitely some truth to the legends.

What was your reaction to Kelsier’s response to finding Marsh dead?  I can’t help feeling that there are going to be some serious economic repercussions to destroying the crystals – what sort of impact do you think this will have, not just on the nobles but on the Skaa?

I thought that what Kelsier did was suitable retaliation, and it made me respect him even more.  He’s an Allomancer and has worked in the Pits, so he knows the value of Atium.  He also knows what it’s like to have its power and is willing to destroy it anyway.  I can’t help but think though that there’s a twist here that will come back to haunt us down the road.  I’m wondering whether the Lord Ruler was hoarding the Atium or using it to hold back the Deepness in some way.  Yeah, there will be economic repercussions, and House Venture is going to have to find a new source of income, but I think there’s going to be more than that and it might come back to bite them.

Finally, each week we learn a little bit more of the Lord Ruler’s history.  And each week it has a different impact.  This week’s snippets had the same impact – I was really interested in the excerpt when he mentions that the Darkness is not as oppressive when higher up in the mountains – do you have any more ideas about the Darkness?

I am very curious about the Deepness.  I think it’s related in some ways to the coming of the Mists and to the prophecies.  I wish that we knew more about the prophecies, but I think we’ll learn more about them in the next two books.  I enjoy the Lord Ruler’s journal; he seems like a pretty decent guy there.  I love how Sanderson uses his perspective to tell us about the past and shed some light on obstacles to come.

(I did have another query – but it might be too much??)  I was wondering about Elend and Vin – they’ve also had their ups and downs this week but seem determined to work round them – can you see anything of a future for these two or is there too much history between the nobles and Skaa and too much difference and prejudice between the two?

The moment when he was running around as the executions were about to start trying to find Valette even while he knew that she was skaa made me think that there’s definitely hope for those two.  Elend’s a bit naive, but he seems to be a genuine person.  He’s willing to put himself on the line for Vin even as he believes that she’s about to be executed.  That says something to me.

Now… one or two thoughts that involve spoilers (highlight if you want to read them):

During this entire section, I kept thinking “The Lord Ruler wears metal.  If he were just an Allomancer, he wouldn’t do that.  Maybe he’s a Feruchemist too?  I was right!  It was neat to see the subtle foreshadowing that Sanderson gave us to let us be able to figure it out on our own.  That’s also why I think that the Atium was being used for something, and even though I don’t know what, I think it has something to do with the Deepness.  Of course, it could be a red herring, but perhaps not.

25 thoughts on “Mistborn Groupread, Part IV

  1. Hah, I can’t blame you for needing to rush ahead and finish the book. 🙂 It’s been hard enough resisting and I HAVE read it before!

    Ended up reading through this section twice instead.

    I’m having a little difficulty commenting on much of what you’ve said here though, because I don’t remember precisely how much this book reveals, so there is too much of a risk of saying more than I intended!

    1. I was having a hard time writing it because I didn’t want to give anything away. I should have written my answers before I finished the book and just scheduled the post. Ah well.

      One thing I didn’t mention that I thought was interesting was learning that Mare didn’t really betray Kelsier like he thought she did. It makes the whole thing seem even more tragic. I wonder how much of the group’s activity the Lord Ruler knew about all along…

      1. Yeah, I really liked that Kelsier saved Elend – it also made me realise how much he cared for Vin because he wanted to save Elend so she wouldn’t be hurt. How sweet! And now he’s gone. What is up with everyone having to die in novels at the moment. Can we all take a moment here and stop killing the good guys! Please! For the love of the angels I was really enjoying reading about Kelsier.
        Lynn 😀

        1. I’m going to miss reading about Kelsier. If he wasn’t so damned charismatic I wouldn’t have minded his death so much, but his sections just always seemed to make me smile. I wonder what the dynamic is going to be in the later books and who we’ll see as PoV characters.

  2. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only weak member of the group. I also finished the novel. There was no way I could put it down. And I had a hard time not picking up the next book. If I wasn’t signed up for the group reads I may have stayed up all night last night reading it.

    I’m dying to know about the Deepness…what the heck is that about?

    1. Haha, I wonder how many of us finished it! 😉

      I’m guessing that the next two books are going to have to do with the Deepness and that there’s a lot more going on than we know about thus far. I’m so curious!

      1. I asked in my post with these questions how many people were actually able to stop after this section ended, I’m going to assume that the answer is not many.

        Quick comment on your spoiler section. The subtlety of the foreshadowing in this series is very well done, and it really warrants a second reading of the entire series. There are small things spread throughout the book that play into later chapters. There’s also a hint to the final twist of the entire series in the introduction to the first chapter of the first book. This is an extremely well written series.

        1. I love the little hints that Sanderson drops as we read; I had guessed part of what happened in Elantris, but it’s not so obvious that it isn’t a challenge to piece together. I’m so curious as to the rest of the series, especially after re-reading the Wit letter again (because I was wrong about what I thought it implied).

          1. I am just re-reading A Game of Thrones and the foreshadowing in that is amazing! It seems like only the best authors can manage to give out hints a long time in advance of revealing information: I love it! 🙂

  3. I love that Elend rushed in to save her, even if the attempt was a bit naive. He does seem to have genuine feeling for her, even if I was uncomfortable with the way he reacted to finding out she was skaa.

    1. I thought it was amusing. “Wait… then that means the skaa are just like us!” I do like that he rushed to save her, and I like even more that Kelsier was willing to save him. It showed that at the end he finally seemed to get over hating the nobility because they’re nobility and realized that not all of them were bad people.

  4. I was wondering why the Lord Ruler wore metal too! I am glad someone else was curious about that.

    I also enjoy the Lord Ruler journal, and how is shows that the Terrismen were not always gentle and subservient as they are today. I wonder what Sazed thinks about those sections?

    1. I think that the Lord Ruler journal is one of the most interesting parts of the book, and I was wondering the whole time why he wore metal. If he were just a normal Allomancer there would be no way he’d consent to it. I’m wondering now what the original Terrisman prophecies said about the Hero and the Deepness. It’ll be interesting to find out as we continue the series.

  5. I’m glad it’s the end of the read along so I can finish out the book now. This last section had me turning the pages!

    As for Vin and Elund, I wonder if there are major changes to how the society works if they will help their romance or hinder it.

    1. I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it, lol. After Kelsier died I ended up reading the rest straight through.

      There are definitely going to be some major changes going down, but I don’t know if they’ll help or hinder the romance either. I’m hoping the two of them manage to stay together.

  6. I thought that the convo between Vin and Kelsier about Mare was very touching. I was also thinking that I couldn’t imagine she’d betrayed him and that it had been a mistake so I’m choosing to go with Vin’s theory.

    Accidentally finished hey? Lol. I’m feeling quite ashamed that I didn’t read on! The thing is though my mouth/brain/thoughts/answers would just have their wicked way and I would be all spoilery. I’ve already done this on a previous readalong and felt very sheepish so I know what I’m liked!

    I’m still inclined to sulk – even days later – about Kelsier. I really liked him and I’m going to really miss him. As much as I like Elend he can’t replace Kel! Not for me anyway.

    This week’s chapters made for some pretty compelling reading though. I can’t wait to finish!

    Lynn 😀

    1. The thing with Mare is so tragic. I think Vin’s theory is spot on. If she’d really betrayed him, she wouldn’t have died like that in the Pits and wouldn’t have been willing to sacrifice herself to let him live.

      I had a hard time writing this and even skipped a question to avoid being spoilery, but I think I might have bordered on it anyway. It’s just that the last 200 pages or so are so intense that I couldn’t stop. I was sitting there trying to concentrate on my homework thinking to myself “Oh no! Kelsier is dead! What about the Lord Ruler? …but WHY!?!” and just gave up and finished it. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of the ending!

      1. WRT Mare: it is interesting that Vin is more powerful than Kel, so he had never suspected that the Lord Ruler could do things that he couldn’t. This also added to the sense of ‘Oh Noes!’ when the show down began. 🙁

        1. Yep. I’m wondering whether Vin’s powers are related to her father’s bloodline or are something else. What if she’s the Hero who was prophesied and it wasn’t the Lord Ruler after all?

  7. The fact that so many of the legends proved to not be exaggerations leaves things wide open in the story for all kinds of possibilities, including things about the Deepness that will be interesting to discover in future volumes of trilogy.

    Just had a terrible thought, what if the Pits of Hathsin is where the Deepness is bound and Kelsier unwittingly started the chain reaction that will let it out? 🙂 I don’t suspect that will be the case, but it is a credit to Sanderson’s storytelling abilities that he has us looking under every rock for whatever nuggets of information we can get about what might happen next.

    I too finished the novel. I waited until the next night just because it was very late when I finished this section, but by early Monday evening I was done with the whole thing. Great book. Can’t wait to discuss all that happened in those brief pages with next week’s final group discussion of the book.

    1. Oooh, that would be interesting. I’m sure that the incident at the Pits is going to have some sort of negative repercussions beyond just disrupting the economy. The fact that they’re the only source of Atium seems a bit suspicious.

  8. I answered the questions for the week and then immediately went and finished the book. 🙂 Now I just want to talk about the ending and move on to the next two books! This section is really hard to talk about because so much happens and is revealed in those last couple of chapters. I can’t wait for the discussion next week when we can all say “holy crap!” 🙂

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