The 2012 Science Fiction Experience

Most of my posts during the past week or two have been to line up Reading Challenges for the upcoming year.  This one is a bit different, as it isn’t a challenge so much as a non-challenge.

The 2012 Science Fiction Experience is hosted by Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings.  It runs from the start of January to the end of February.  The goal is simply to read and enjoy science fiction novels.  The review site for the event can be found here.

This is also well-timed, as I’m in the mood for some sci-fi after the recent release of a new MMORPG that I’m very excited to be playing–Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  I spent yesterday evening leveling my Twi’lek Sith while watching the original Star Wars trilogy.  I am still pretending that Episodes I, II, and III don’t exist, because Darth Vader should not under any circumstances be an emo brat.

Thus far, I have absolutely no idea what I’m planning to read for the Science Fiction Experience.  I’d definitely like to read Asimov’s “The Foundation,” which I’ve had for a while now but haven’t read yet.  Rumor has it that “The Foundation” will be a group read, which is even better!  I’d also like to continue Anne McCaffrey’s trilogy that began with Crystal Singer, because I’m curious about what happens to Killashandra.  I’m open to further suggestions, and am planning a library trip when I get back from Christmas break!

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  1. My copy of The Foundation just arrived in the post…just in time! Can you believe that I haven’t seen episodes I, II, and III. I saw all the Star War movies (the only 3 I count) in the theater when I was a kid and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the “later” ones released when I was an adult.

    1. I’m excited for the groupread! I haven’t done one since RIP…

      The original three Star Wars movies are far superior, and you’re not missing much with the later ones. I think that for George Lucas to be at his best, he can’t have a normal budget… 😛

  2. First off don’t play the TOR that is the MMO play the other two.

    In order to play that game you will have to install Origin which is waleware that monitors your actions that is something you can’t uninstall completely from your computer when your done, it embeds itself in the kernel of the OS that is hard to get out. .

    Schild’s Ladder by Greg Egan
    Ralph 124c 41+ by Hugo Gernsback
    Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov
    Slan by Alfred Elton Van Vogt
    The Weapon Makers by Alfred Elton Van Vogt
    Flatland (read this one first) by Edwin Abbott Abbott
    Odd John by Olaf Stapledon
    Looking Backwards 1887-2000 by Edward Bellamy
    A Voyage to the Moon(One of the first modern sense of science-fiction) by Cyrano de Bergerac
    Contact by Carl Sagan
    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Anson Heinlein
    Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon
    The Shape of Things to Come by H. G. Wells
    Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson
    Childhood’s End by Arthur Charles Clarke
    Space Odyssey series by Arthur Charles Clarke
    I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
    The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

    1. I like MMOs though… I think they’re fun. 😛

      I may end up trying some Philip K. Dick this time around. I took a collection of his work out of the library once before, but ended up getting bogged down in schoolwork and returning it. I’m also thinking more Ursula K. Le Guin for this, because I’ve read a couple of her books and loved them.

      1. I’m not attacking it for the MMO part for I’ve played many MUD’s in my day. My issue is with what runs the game, Origin is not a nice program to install on your computer that is required for all PC owners.

        I suggest you look into Star Maker.

    1. Yes. I tried some William Gibson a while back, but only made it through one short story because his writing was so convoluted. I get that he was going for immersion, but if you don’t explain anything or give readers a context, it’s like reading in another language… I’m curious about cyberpunk as a concept though, and am hoping there are some other writers who do a better job explaining.

  3. I always look forward to Carl’s challenges. I never read nearly as much as I want to for this one, though. Maybe this year will be different! (Even if it is not a challenge I own a lot of sci-fi…)

    1. I have so much fun with these challenges, and it’s a great community! I realized that I don’t own any sci-fi that I haven’t read other than The Foundation, so I’m going to have to fix that. 😛

  4. Hello Grace! Thanks for the “like”! I myself spent ages getting around to reading Foundation – I was too young to appreciate it the first time I tried, but I recently read the first three books (the original trilogy) and looooooved it. Enjoy!

  5. Oh man! I want to play the new star wars MMORPG SOOO BAD. I’m jealous you are playing it. XD

    I think I would like to read “The Foundation” as one of my science fiction books for the year!

    1. It’s so much fun! Way better than other MMOs that I’ve tried… I ended up cancelling my WoW account because it was so much better.

      I’m curious to know what you’d think of Foundation…

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