This post is completely off-topic for my blog, but earthquakes don’t hit the East Coast very often.  I work in DC, so as the quake hit, my immediate thought was that my building had been bombed, followed by the thought that any intelligent terrorist could surely have chosen a better target.  It was only after running down eleven flights of stairs and coming outside that I realized that there was no smoke anywhere, and that people were rushing out of every building and not just mine.  Only in DC do you say “Oh, thank god that was just an earthquake!”

One of the things that I found odd was that in all the federal buildings in DC, not a single alarm went off.  I even heard from friends who were at the Capitol that there were no actual alarms there.  Apparently in the event of a real emergency in DC, the general evacuation plan is that if you feel something, you get outside.  All of the tests and drills?  Completely and utterly useless.

Now I can say that add the Great DC Earthquake to my list of interesting events that I’ve survived in DC, alongside the Snowpocalypse and the Inauguration.  Of course, we all know that it wasn’t really an earthquake, just Chuck Norris coming to visit.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. LOL…I was completely taken by surprise that there was an earthquake. Some people in Boston felt it, but I didn’t. Glad everyone survived. And I’m surprised that no alarms went off. You would think that would be the one place that had plans for everything.

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