Spoiler Alert: Snape Kills Dumbledore

Severus SnapeI saw the new Harry Potter movie this weekend.  It was my favorite of the Potter movies thus far.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Harry Potter books, because Rowling is an excellent storyteller but a rather mediocre writer (and I’m being generous here).  You can distinctly tell when she started writing with the knowledge that her books would be made into movies.  Even so, Harry Potter was a big deal for our generation.  The last movie signifies the end of an era.  To those of us that grew up with Harry Potter, it means that we are actually adults now (we have been for a few years, but have been in denial).

At the movie, I was one of “those people.”  You know, the ones who come wearing wizard robes (really my old graduation robes, and pretty much the only good my degree has actually done for me).  Why?  Because it is fun, and because I can.

Despite the title of this post, I’ll try not to give too many spoilers, but I’m also going to assume that people have read the book and know what’s happening.  The scenes where people die are tastefully done, although perhaps less emotionally charged than in the book.  The Snape montage was the best part of the movie, and done in a manner that is superior to the book.  With the exception of one scene, the CGI finally is balanced and looks more realistic than in the previous movies.  The cinematography is beautiful.  All in all, I think that after seven other movies, they finally got it right.

5 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Snape Kills Dumbledore

  1. I actually felt the last movie wasn’t quite up to par. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think it’s only because I love the books so much. I agree with all your praise, but i think your point about deaths not being so emotionally charged is a big point. I feel like overall, there wasn’t much emotion in the movie, except for what I was able to fill in because of my preexisting connection to everyone. I thought there was little time spent on any of the characters except for Snape. If I had no knowledge of the books, I think I would have felt a bit cheated by some very nice, exciting eye candy.

    1. I was mostly happy that they managed to actually get the plot in, unlike the sixth movie, where they ignored the Horcruxes almost entirely and focused on tweeny romance nonsense that wasn’t a huge deal in the book. I mean, yeah it happened, but they shouldn’t have focused on that to the exclusion of everything else.

      The only thing that really bothered me about the new movie was that scene where Harry and Voldemore are flying around in a whirl of fake CGI. Didn’t happen in the book, and I’d have forgiven it if it wasn’t so fake-looking.

  2. Can you believe my mother feel asleep? Yeah, the Snape parts were the best, and I cried buckets. My favorite book was Goblet of fire, but I disliked the movie. I still like Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban best as far as the films go.

  3. I read Harry Potter back in fifth grade. I read the entire series. I just don’t find the novels all that good. I swear some parts were ripped off from the Young Merlin series.

    I have never seen a Harry Potter movie, nor do I really want to see one. Many novel to movie I seen are quite bad, not for the fact they are bad movies. mainly since they left out the plot of the novel.

    Also if you have never read the Dune series you would not get what the fuck is happening in the Dune movie. They either leave a lot out. Also if you do see the movie I hope you enjoy the use of monologue, a lot.

    1. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to watch the Dune movies. I might if they’re ever on tv.

      I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until the third book came out, at which point I read the first three books in one day. I think that the later books were better than the earlier ones, but either way, Rowling is a far better storyteller than she is a writer.

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