“The Everything Seed: A Story of Beginnings” by Carol Martignacco

“The Everything Seed:  A Story of Beginnings” by Carol MartignaccoThe Everything Seed by Carol Martignacco
Published: 2006 by Tricycle Press
Genres: Children's
Pages: 46
Format: Hardcover
Source: Borrowed
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Every religion has its own creation myth, and these myths are often taught to children in the form of stories.  A few years ago, I babysat some kids whose parents weren’t religious.  Their parents had given them this very cool book, however, that preserves the magic of a creation story.

“The Everything Seed” is the story of the Big Bang.  It compares the origin of the universe to a seed that one day began to grow.  I was quite impressed by the story, as it held a great  sense of wonder that isn’t often found in science books for kids.  It explains the general idea of the Big Bang without being bogged down with terminology that kids won’t understand.

I was also impressed by the way that the author didn’t state a view as to whether or not there was a God, but instead left the question open, saying that nobody knows how the seed got there.  This means that the book could also be used as a teaching tool for religious families to show that religion and science can coexist.  The author herself is a Unitarian Universalist minister, which perhaps explains a lot about the story’s tone.  Overall, I thought that this book was excellent and filled a gap that not many children’s books can.  If I ever have children, I am reading them this book.

4 thoughts on ““The Everything Seed: A Story of Beginnings” by Carol Martignacco

  1. This is great! I will have to find it. This is exactly the sort of ideas I tackled during my graduate degree: mythologizing (is that even a word???) and spiritualizing science without invoking religion. It’s awesome that someone is doing the same for kids!

  2. You might enjoy “Jesus and the New Universe Story” by Cletus Wessels (a Dominican priest). It is an adult book (not children’s), but very readable and also gives religion a new twist as it relates to science. He uses the text of “The Everything Seed” in the introduction and one of the illustrations on the cover.

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