“Moonheart” by Charles de Lint

“Moonheart” by Charles de LintMoonheart by Charles de Lint
Series: Ottawa and the Valley #1
Published: 1994 by Orb Books
Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 447
Format: Paperback
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And, yet again, I return to Charles de Lint.  “Moonheart” is a bit different from his other novels, though, in that it is set in Ottawa rather than Newford.  There’s still a neat blend of Celtic and Native American mythology, but there is oh so much more.

The story starts out when Sara Kendall, who runs a junk shop, finds a medicine pouch in an old box.  The pouch, among other things, contains a gold ring.  Yes, you can see where this is going.  The ring is magic.  Duh.  And of course there’s the inevitable facing-of-an-ancient-evil.  There’s also time travel, and the zombie apocalypse.  Well, not really the zombie apocalypse, but a bunch of main characters do get trapped in a mansion where they have to fend off monsters called the tragg’a, which I interpret as pretty much being a lot like zombies.  In addition to the time travel and zombies, there are shapeshifters, ancient bards, druids, and Mounties.

All in all, it makes an awesome fantasy novel.  Unlike a lot of fantasy authors, de Lint can actually write.  There are a lot of traditional fantasy elements, but they are portrayed in a unique way and reinterpreted to the present day.

Side note on the zombie apocalypse:  For some reason, pretty much every guy friend I have has a plan for the zombie apocalypse.  Some of the plans are quite well thought out.  However, it is sort of amusing that the CDC has a plan for the zombie apocalypse.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your tax dollars at work.

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