Once Upon a Time Challenge V

I’m relatively new to the book blog scene, but was introduced by Caroline from Beauty is a Sleeping Cat to the Once Upon a Time Challenge V.  I haven’t participated in any blogging challenges/events yet, but this looked interesting.  The event runs until June 20, and is features several different quests involving reading and reviewing fantasy literature.  I’m going to participate in the second quest, which is:

“Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time criteria. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.”

I’m going to try not to count books that I’ve already reviewed, but to read and review new books for the challenge.  Right now I’m working my way through Deerskin, a Robin McKinley retelling of a Charles Perrault fairytale that often gets overlooked because it makes the Brothers Grimm look tame by comparison.

And for anyone else who is interested, here’s the link to the Challenge:

Once Upon a Time V

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Challenge V

  1. Wow, you are fast.
    I hope you will enjoy it. I started blogging last year with Carl’s (it’s not Chris, sorry I mixed it up) R.I.P. challenge, the darker side of the same theme, loved it and got introduced to many great blogs and people.

  2. i love the image chosen for the challenge, and the premise behind the challenge. best wishes with completing it. it’s been a while since i’ve dipped into fantasy. i lean more towards scifi and contact type stories. but…actually, there was something i read not long ago that blended the two quite marvelously that you might look at if you can find it.. Chasing the Dragon by Justina Robson. I think this was the second or third in a series, and an editor sent it to me to review for Children’s Review Index, but I’m not certain my review was ever published, so here’s what I wrote about it:

    In this captivating hybrid of science fiction and fantasy, Lila Black is half-machine, half-human, and her dress lends her faery skills. Recently returned to Bay City, an urban center of Otopia where humans have mixed with either machines or faeries, demons, or some kind of fey beings, after a fifty-year absence spent in Under, Black returns to an unrecognizable world in book four of the “Quantum Gravity” series. She begins with her employment by Otopian Security Services, an intelligence agency akin to our FBI/CIA, with the mission to find her husband Teazle, a demon. But she’s on a personal mission to locate her old lover, Zal which leads her on a journey that blends five different realities. The reading level is adult/above eighth-grade. There are minimal sexual situations. Inter-species violence occurs throughout the book and Lila’s behavior is somewhat suicidal at points in the story. Robson’s craft in establishing the world her characters inhabit is laudable and reflects the author’s skilled imagination. The storytelling is impressive, but this is not a stand-alone book that readers can easily understand. Reading the previous three books in the series provides the best context for enjoying and comprehending the merging of worlds, destinies, and characters. The ending is open-ended and the fifth book in the series, Down to the Bone, is slated for publication in January 2011.

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