“The Deepest Ocean” by Marian Perera

  The Deepest Ocean by Marian Perera is a tale of love, magic, and adventures on the high seas.  Captain Darok Juell is on a top secret mission, and he’s received instructions to bring a secret agent from Seawatch on board.  As a member of Seawatch, Yerena Fin Caller has the magical ability to communicateRead more

“The Winner’s Curse” by Marie Rutkoski

  The Winner’s Curse is a dystopian fantasy novel set in a world that vaguely resembles ancient Rome, but with more ever-so-slightly more  gender equality and with fancier dresses (the cover pretty much sums it up).  Kestrel is a general’s daughter, and as such, she’s forced to choose to either join the military or getRead more

“Master of the Opera Act 4: Dark Interlude” by Jeffe Kennedy

  Jeffe Kennedy’s serial novel Master of the Opera continues in Act 4: Dark Interlude.  After making a grisly discovery at the end of Act 3, Christine tries to sort out her feelings and figure out which of her love interests is the villain. Christine’s boyfriend Roman Sanclaro starts getting more and more extreme inRead more

“Master of the Opera Act 3: Phantom Serenade” by Jeffe Kennedy

  In this third installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s serialized novel Master of the Opera, Christine decides to give in to her desires and comes willingly to surrender herself to the masked man who dwells below the theater.  However, she’s got a love triangle dilemma, because she’s still going out with Roman, whom she’s had aRead more

“All I Want Is You” by Elizabeth Anthony

  All I Want Is You by Elizabeth Anthony is the story of an unlikely romance between a scullery maid and a duke.  Sophie Davis will never forget the day that her dying mother took her to London.  A kind but mysterious stranger takes Sophie’s mother to a hospital, and after she passes away, heRead more

“The Mad Scientist’s Daughter” by Cassandra Rose Clarke

  When I requested The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, it was actually by mistake.  I had confused it with a YA novel about Frankenstein’s daughter (proof that the …’s Daughter naming trend has gone too far), and thought I’d read it on a whim.  This turned out to be the best mistake of 2013.  The MadRead more

“The Lemon Orchard” by Luanne Rice

  The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice is the story of two people from very different socioeconomic classes who share a bond of grief.  Julia’s daughter died in a car accident, and Roberto’s daughter was lost on the night they came to America when he was captured by Border Patrol.  When Julia house-sits for herRead more

“Warlord” by Elizabeth Vaughan

  A few days ago, I was pretty stressed out and got myself hooked on an escapist fantasy romance trilogy called The Chronicles of the Warlands by Elizabeth Vaughan.  The first book, Warprize, told the story of a princess named Xylara who became the Warprize of a barbarian warlord named Keir.  In the second book,Read more