Naamah’s Blessing Readalong, the second few weeks

Today I’m continuing my being-bad-at-readalongs tradition, and am playing catch-up for weeks 4, 5, and 6 of the Naamah’s Blessing readalong. There will be spoilers for weeks 4, 5, and 6 in the below questions. If you’re spoiler-averse, you may wish to ignore this post. Also participating in the readalong are: Alli at Tethyan Books Lynn at Lynn’s BookRead more

Mini-Review: “Sunstone Vol. 3” by Stjepan Sejik

I’m going to keep this review pretty short, as I don’t have much to say about Sunstone Vol. 3 that hasn’t already been said in my reviews of the first two volumes. Quick synopsis of the series: Ally and Lisa are two women who meet online, become friends, and begin a BDSM relationship. Sunstone isn’t like the trainwreckRead more

“Mirror: The Mountain” by Emma Rios and Hwei Lim

Mirror: The Mountain is a graphic novel created by Emma Rios and illustrated by Hwei Lim. The story set on an asteroid that has been terraformed by the mage scientists of Synchronia. When the mage scientists sent down animals as test subjects, the sentient asteroid gifted those animals with human-like capabilities. Mirror: The Mountain starts out as aRead more

“Black Butler Vol. 2” by Yana Toboso

Next up on my queue of vacation reading–Black Butler! As I mentioned when I reviewed the first volume, Black Butler is one of my all-time favorite anime series, and I’m now reading the manga that it was based on. Black Butler is set in an alternate version of Victorian England. Ciel Phantomhive, the protagonist, isRead more

“Wayward Vol. 1: String Theory” by Jim Zub, Steven Cummings, and John Rauch

I picked up the first volume of Wayward on a whim. Mike and I were about to go tent camping, and we figured that reading comics in the tent would be fun, so I ordered a bunch of random trades published by Image. For any non-comic-book-fans, Image is interesting because characters belong to the authors rather thanRead more

Naamah’s Blessing Readalong, the first few weeks

Remember during the last readalong when I said that I was really bad at readalongs? Yeah… about that… We’re continuing the Kushiel’s Legacy readalong with the final book of the third trilogy, Naamah’s Blessing. Since I am somewhat behind, this post will contain questions and answers from the first THREE weeks. Week 1 1) Wow! We’reRead more